Profiform 200 / 320


This versatile machine is for shearing, bending and punching all sorts of sheet-metal parts, for prototypes, models, jewellery, and much more!

Hand operated precision tool with ground, hardened indexable HSS-cutters with four cutting edges. V-blocks and bending punches are made of high grade, profiled steel. Works metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, printed circuit board, veneer and other materials.

Technical Data

Maximum material thickness

Brass, copper, silver, gold

1 mm

Tinplate, steel (37kg/mm2)

1 mm

Stainless steel

0,5 mm

Aluminium (Al99,5)

1,5 mm

P 200

Item Nr. 110000

Max. working width

200 mm

Max. punching pressure

15’000 N

Weight of basic equipment

7,3 kg

P 320

Item Nr. 111000

Max. working width

320 mm

Max. punching pressure

20’000 N

Weight of basic equipment

15,5 kg

More information

Operating manual e (PDF 305kB)

Mode d'emploi f (PDF 308kB)

Bedienungsanleitung d (PDF 295kB)


Profiform 320 (Item Nr. 111000) with accessories: Multi-purpose table (Item Nr. 115560) and Angular stop (Item Nr. 115570)
Profiform 200 (Item Nr. 110000)

Basic equipment


Profiform 200 or 320 precision machine


Double V-block 200mm or 320mm


Adjustable stop for bending


Bending punch, length 200mm or 320mm (depending on machine type)


Bending punch set 10/15/20/40 mm


Aluminium clamps (P200 only)


Integrated threads in machine base for direct bolting to a workbench (P320 only)


Bending limitation stop, adjustable 0°-90° (P200 only)


Pressure insert


Hexagon head socket spanners


Ring spanner (P320 only)


Socket spanner (P320 only)


Operating manual



Punching tool sets

The punching tool sets are professionally designed. Every tool set listed below consists of a hardened and ground punch, a hardened and ground die and also a stripper pad matched to the shape of the punch. The stripper pad is spring mounted, similar to punching tools on large machines. Round, square and rectangular punching tools are available.






Item Nr. 115110

Ø 3 mm



Item Nr. 115120

Ø 4 mm



Item Nr. 115130

Ø 5 mm



Item Nr. 115140

Ø 6 mm



Item Nr. 115150

Ø 8 mm



Item Nr. 115160

Ø 10mm



Item Nr. 115210

4 x 4 mm



Item Nr. 115220

6 x 6 mm



Item Nr. 115230

8 x 8 mm



Item Nr. 115240

10 x 10 mm



Item Nr. 115250

12 x 12 mm



Item Nr. 115260

4 x 20 mm




Notching Tool

The notching tool consists of a hardened punch and a hardened die with integrated punch guide. It has been designed so that corners of any dimension from 1x1 to 70x70mm (up to 100x100mm with Profiform 320) can be notched out, as well as any sizes between. Dimensions up to 12x12mm can be notched out in a single operation, larger ones in a number of steps.







Item Nr. 115270

Notching Tool



Tool holder set (mounting set) and fine adjustment with stops for punching and notching tools

The tool holder set accepts all punching tools. The stops allow parts to be positioned in the x and y axes, which is particularly useful when manufacturing several identical parts. The mounting set consists of a mount for die plates with stops and a upper mount for punches and blank holder (stripper pad). The optional fine adjustment allows finest corrections to the depth stop, thanks to an adjusting screw.

Operating manual d/e/f (PDF 36kB)







Item Nr. 115100

Tool holder set


Item Nr. 115102

Fine adjustment device


Tools for fabricating louvers and grooves

Special tools for fabricating louvers and grooves are available as an additional feature for expanding the possible uses of Profiform 200 and 320 sheet metal working machines. The special tool holder PWH0030 Item Nr. 115300 is required to use the louver and groove tools. The special tool holder is also very useful to use your «do it yourself tools» on Profiform 200 or 320 machines.

Operating manual d/e/f (PDF 32kB)






Item Nr. 115300

Tool Holder


Item Nr. 115310

Vent-Slot (34 x 1,5 x 3 mm)


Item Nr. 115320

Vent-Slot (34 x 2,5 x 5 mm)


Item Nr. 115340

Groove (34 x 1 x 1 mm)



Universal table with angular stop for Profiform 200 or 320

The universal table is a versatile accessory that fulfils the function of a third hand. It is fully made of aluminium, which is anodised for protection. For accurate work the table is of invaluable help. The engraved metric rules and angle grid avoid in many cases the use of additional measuring equipment. This table is, like many other Profiform accessories, a multi purpose item.
When folding: as a table, which is exactly level with the V-block.
When punching: as a table, which is exactly level with the die.
When shearing: as a table which moves up and down with the lower cutting blade, or as an additional feature for Profiform 320 only to extend the rear built in machine table to about twice its original size.
The adjustable angular stop can be used in conjunction with the universal table for all above-mentioned applications. The necessary guiding groove is already machined into the table.






Item Nr. 115550




Item Nr. 115560




Item Nr. 115570

Angular stop for table



Boxing tool set

The boxing tool set is used to completely fold sheet-metal 180°. Boxed constructions are used for thin sheet-metal as a means of reinforcement or wherever a sharp edge must be avoided. The boxing tool set consists of three tools each and have a functional length of 200mm for the version for Profiform 200, and 320mm for the version for Profiform 320.

Operating manual d/e/f (PDF 48kB)






Item Nr. 115600

Boxing tool set




Item Nr. 115700

Boxing tool set





Bending limitation

The bending limitation is an adjustable device which allows any desired bending angle between 0° and 90° to be obtained. The stop limits the penetrating depth of the bending punch into the V-block. In the case of a series of parts this accessory allows manufacturing of an unlimited number of similar parts with exactly the same bending angle by simply moving the bending device every time to the set stop.
The bending limitation is standard equipment for Profiform 200 (Item Nr. 110000).






Item Nr. 115900






Cutter end stops

The cutter end stops are a great help when a series of identical parts are manufactured. The range of adjustment is variable from 0 to 95mm. The simple stop Item-Nr. 115400 is to be used as one side depth stop on both machine types. The Item-Nr. 115420 for Profiform 200 or the Item-Nr. 115432 for Profiform 320 are stops covering the full width of the machines. They can be set for cutting parallel parts as well as for cutting tapered parts between 0°and15°.

Operating manual d/e/f (PDF 35kB)






Item Nr. 115400

Cutter end stop, single side


Item Nr. 115420

Cutter end stop, full width



Item Nr. 115432

Cutter end stop, full width




V-blocks and bending tools

The high grade, profiled steel V-blocks and bending tools are separately available for special applications. These parts can be milled, filed and ground.






Item Nr. 115001

Bending tools L = 10 mm


Item Nr. 115002

Bending tools L = 15 mm


Item Nr. 115003

Bending tools L = 20 mm


Item Nr. 115004

Bending tools L = 40 mm


Item Nr. 115008

Bending tools L = 200 mm



Item Nr. 115009

Bending tools L = 320 mm



Item Nr. 115019

Bending tools
without radius L = 200 mm



Item Nr. 115020

Bending tools
without radius L = 320 mm



Item Nr. 115014

Bending tools
extra narrow (2mm) L = 200 mm



Item Nr. 115015

Bending tools
extra narrow (2mm) L = 320 mm




Item Nr. 115010

V-blocks L = 200 mm



Item Nr. 115011

V-blocks L = 320 mm




Mounting plate

For mounting the P320 machine on a workbench or table by means of standard C-clamps. Item consists of mounting plate and screws, C-clamps are not included.






Item Nr. 115500

Mounting plate




Accessory storage plate

Get your punching and bending tools nicely lined up! The new, compact accessory storage plate made of anodised aluminium allows to store Profiform accessories on a small surface and well ordered.






Item Nr. 115511

Accessory storage plate