Device to imitate rivets and to punch small holes

Profiform Rivet is suitable for forming rivet imitations in a wide variety of sizes and for punching extremely small holes. Sheet thicknesses of up to 0.5 mm can be punched. The maximum sheet thickness for imitating rivets depends on the respective tool.
The equipment is provided with stops for positioning the sheet and for the stroke. The rivet forming sets have an integrated, adjustable stop in order to adjust the distance from rivet to rivet. Depending on the rivet forming set employed, to-scale rivet imitations can be manufactured for all common model sizes.

Technical data

Profiform Rivet

Item Nr. 115450

Basic equipment, including stops for position and stroke, without rivet forming set and without punching tools.


270 mm


40 mm


100 mm


830 g


max. 140 mm

Rivet diameter

0.4, 0.7 oder 1.0 mm

Distance between rivets

from 2.5mm to 9.5mm

Profiform Rivet

Profiform Rivet (Item Nr. 115540)

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Operating manual d (PDF 83kB)



Set of punch and anvil for rivet forming




Item Nr. 115490

Ø 0.4 mm





Item Nr. 115492

Ø 0.7 mm





Item Nr. 115494

Ø 1.0 mm






Punching tool set






Item Nr. 115465

Ø 1.0 mm





Item Nr. 115467

Ø 1.5 mm





Item Nr. 115469

Ø 2.1 mm