Triple-roller rounding machine for

- Rolling of sheet-metal
- Shaping of tubes and tapers
- Radius bending of wires or tubes
  (only Item Nr. 112000)
- Manufacturing of rings; and....

Rigid, high quality machine fully built of steel and alloy. Hand lever driven. To be bolted to a workbench or clamped in a vice. The high quality, ground steel rollers are hardened by a high frequency heat treatment process.

Technical data

Profiform Rondo

Item Nr. 112000

Max. working width

320 mm

Number of rollers


Roller diameter

Ø 32 mm

Min. bending radius

> 20 mm*

Integrated radius bending device for wires of
Ø 1/2/3/4 + 5 mm

Profiform Mini Rondo

Item Nr. 112006

Max. working width

180 mm

Number of roles


Role diameter

2 x Ø 32 mm
1 x Ø 16 mm

Min. bending radius

> 10 mm*


*depending on material thickness

Profiform Rondo

Profiform Rondo (Item Nr. 112000)
Mini Rondo (Item Nr. 112006)

More information

Operating manual d/f/e (PDF 119kB)







Mini Rondo

Item Nr. 112100

Parallel guide set