The Profiform Proco forming machines are invaluable tools for development- and model engineers!

Forming machines for manufacturing corrugated sheet-metal

- from various materials
- of various thickness
- of accurate, regular wave-length
- of adjustable wave heights

Rigid, high quality machine fully built of steel and alloy. Hand lever operated. To be bolted to a workbench or clamped in a vice. With high frequency hardened, profiled steel rollers mounted on low friction bearings.

Technical Data

Max. working width

320 mm

Driven rollers


Max. material thickness

< 0,5 mm*

Profiform Proco 15

Item Nr. 112215

Profile height

0,7 mm

Profile length

1,5 mm

Profiform Proco 25

Item Nr. 112225

Profile height

1,2 mm

Profile length

2,5 mm

Profiform Proco 50

Item Nr. 112250

Profile height

2,4 mm

Profile length

5 mm


*depending on profile height and material width

Profiform Proco

Profiform Proco 25 (Item Nr. 112225)






Proco 15

Proco 25

Proco 50


Item Nr. 112100

Set of parallel guides