Plastic-bending devices Plastiform are designed for making covers, boxes, displays, and models and so on in the areas of industry, education, prototype and model building…

The competitively priced units warm up plastic sheets (thermoplastics) up to 5 mm thickness in a narrow area. This allows then bending them to the required angle. After a short cooling period the plastic will remain at that angle and will retain its new shape.

Product features

- Working surface covered with heat resistant
- Built-in fuse
- Integrated control lamp
- Exchangeable heating filament
- Integrated, adjustable parallel guides and depth
  stops ( Plastiform 580 only)

Plastiform 400

Item Nr. 125400


570x140x100 mm

Max. working length

400 mm


3kg netto, 4kg brutto

Power supply

220V~/5, 2V~/120VA

Plastiform 580

Item Nr. 125580


800x235x115 mm

Max. working length

580 mm


7,2kg netto, 9kg brutto

Power supply




Plastiform 580 (Item Nr. 125580)
Plastiform 400 (Item Nr. 125400)

More information

Operating manual d/e/f (PDF 35kB)






Plastiform 400

Plastiform 580


Adjustable bending gauge





For accurate pre-setting of the required bending angle from 0° to 165° with graduated dial; suits with all Plastiform plastic benders.

Working surface length: 500 mm






Item Nr. Item 125500

Bending gauge



Heating filament





Item Nr. Item 125401

Heating filament (1 piece including connection wire






Item Nr. Item 125581

Set of heating filaments
(of 4 pieces)





Depth stop set for Plastiform 400





With engraved metric dial, complete with fasteners.






Item Nr. Item 125402

Depth stop set